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Zotero : manage your references and your bibliography


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Why create an account?

create an account

Advantages of creating an account on zotero.org :

  • sync the library on several computers (data is saved on the server);
  • share a bibliography with other Zotero users;
  • save the references you've collected in the cloud, not just on your personal computer.

And there is more:

  • create a CV with a list of publications generated from your Zotero library ("CV") ;
  • publish your library ("Privacy") ;
  • choose the notifications that are sent by email ("Email") ;
  • manage storage space on the Zotero server ("Storage").

How to create an account?


  • Go to zotero.org : click Log In then Register and create your account; 
  • open Zotero ; 
  • open Preferences in the Edit menu then go to Sync tab
  • enter the Zotero identifiers (username and password) you created earlier; 
  • click OK ; 
  • your online account has been created.

Please note: You can change the email address associated with your Zotero account at any time.

You can access your Zotero profile from the home page (once you've logged un) by clicking on My profile > Edit profile. From there, it's possible to set up your Zotero account to make it, and the associated library, public.

Sync with a drive or Dropbox

sync with a drive or dropbox

Bibliographic data can be synced on the Zotero server, but a third-party server must be used for the attached files—Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive, for example. Relative paths can be set in Zotero’s Preferences by defining a base directory for file attachments.

To set up another storage server:

  • click Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Files and Folders;
  • change the location of the base directory for attachments.

  • below, click Custom in Data Directory location section; a window opens;
  • select the folder that you want your Zotero data to be saved in;
  • clickYes.

Please note: if your Zotero library already has items in it, move all the data initially stored in the Zotero directory (created automatically when Zotero Standalone is installed) to the desired storage space.

Careful: this option is only possible if syncing is set to send only bibliographic references to the Zotero server.

Sciences Po Google Drive

sync with google drive

Access a large storage space linked to the Sciences Po Google Drive account for the Sciences Po community:

  • download and install locally the Google Drive Sciences Po sync and backup tool;
  • create a folder in which to sync and store collected PDF files with their references.


Please note: Make sure that the links between Zotero items and file attachments are valid on all synced computers:

  • by keeping the same path on all computers;
  • or by using relative paths managed by Zotero.



Syncing by default

syncing by default

In Zotero Preferences, click Sync.

The options Sync automatically and Sync full-text content are ticked by default.


  • activate the Sync automatically option: data collected on another computer will be automatically saved each time the software and/or the online account is opened;
  • about the Sync full-text content option: there's only 300 MB of storage space with the free version (visible in your online account  Home > Settings > Storage). Syncing the attachments collected with references in your online account can have a big impact on the amount of storage space you have available.

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