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What is a citation style?

  what is a citation style?

Definition: a set of rules dictating the format and order in which the bibliographic elements of a cited document are provided.

Each style is a particular mode of displaying the bibliographic information about a document as a whole and they can be interchanged with Zotero.

There are two main style types:

  • in-text styles: a citation in the text refers to an entry in the bibliography or works cited list;
  • note styles: a marker (symbol, number, etc.) refers to a footnote or endnote.

Choosing a style

choosing a style

There is an integrated catalogue of 9,900 styles in Zotero: the Zotero Style Repository.

To find the right style, you can:

  • filter by style format and/or academic field; 
  • search for the journal title or the name of the publisher;
  • search for "French" to display the styles specifically designed for the French language.

Installing a style

installing a style

In Zotero:

  • go to Preferences > Cite;
  • in the Styles pane, the style manager indicates the styles already installed in Zotero; 
  • to add a style that does not appear in the manager, click Get additional styles;
  • the Zotero Style Repository opens;
  • filter and choose your style, then click on the corresponding hyperlink and it will be added automatically.

To include URLs of paper articles in references, tick the corresponding box in Zotero Preferences.

Changing style in the course of a project

changing style in the course of a project

Your initial choice of citation style is totally reversible.
From your word processor:

  • in the Zotero tab, click  ;
  • the Zotero - Document Preferences window opens;

  • in the Citation Style pane, choose the style you want by clicking on it;
  • the new style will be applied to the whole document (in-text citations/notes and bibliography).

Finding the right style

finding the right style

The Editor Citation Styles website lets you search for the style that best suits your needs:

  • click Search By Example ;
  • using the example provided, type the desired format for the bibliographic reference;
  • click Search; the closest matches to the desired style are displayed;
  • by clicking on the styles, it is possible to download them directly into Zotero.


Sciences Po School of Research styles

sciences po school of research styles

The Library has created two new bibliographic styles for Zotero.

These styles were developed with the support of the Sciences Po School of Research in response to a recurring request from students and doctoral researchers. They are based on previous recommendations.

You can discover and install these French styles here.

The Author-Date style lets you insert in-text citations, while the Note style is used to create footnotes.

These styles cover most types of documents commonly cited at Sciences Po: books & chapters, encyclopaedias & dictionaries, articles, theses & dissertations, maps, videos, audio files, illustrations, legislation, websites, blog posts, instant messaging & social networks, reports & working papers, patents, conference papers, programs & software.

These styles also manage citations for documents with more than three authors, translators, a specific edition, or an original date of publication; and the use of ibid in footnotes.

A few tips for using them:

  • to display the original publication date, type originaldate: in the Extra field, immediately followed by the date
  • for video items, choose the Film & Video Recording item types
  • for audio items, choose the Radio Broadcast & Audio Recording item types

These styles can be adapted to suit your requirements, if necessary.

Feel free to email us at zotero.bib@sciencespo.fr!

Examples of French styles in Human and Social Sciences

examples of french styles in human and social sciences:

  • Histoire@Politique. Politique, culture, société (French) ;
  • Presses universitaires de Rennes (French) ;
  • Annales. Histoires, Sciences sociales (French) ;
  • InVisu (French) ;
  • Le Mouvement Social (French) ;
  • Le tapuscrit (Écoles des hautes études en sciences sociales) (note, French).

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