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Zotero : manage your references and your bibliography


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Zotero in your word processor

  zotero in your word processor

In Windows : a Zotero bar is automatically installed in the word processing software (Word and LibreOffice).

You insert citations into your manuscript directly in the software interface.

Please note: Zotero Standalone must be open when inserting bibliographic references from your word processor.

Functionalities available:

  • quick search of items in the Zotero library;
  • adding page numbers;
  • inserting citations ;
  • inserting a bibliography based on the citations in the document in one click;
  • handling the requirements of complex styles such as Ibid;
  • updating the citations and bibliography to reflect changes to items in your Zotero Library;
  • the possibility of changing bibliographic styles among the +9,000 supported by Zotero.

If you have any problem, see the section on Using Zotero in your word processor

In-text citations

in-text citations

In the word processor:

  • place the cursor where you want to insert the citation;
  • in the Zotero tab, click Add/Edit Citation ; 
  • window in the form of a search bar opens;


  • to find the bibliographic reference cited, enter either the author’s name or one or more significant words from the title in the search bar of the new window
  • select the reference corresponding to the citation;
  • hit Enter and the citation appears in your document.

Exemple with Tapuscrit style (Author-Date)

"In working environment, organizations are taking in consideration the elevated performance expectation of the employee and its impact on their emotional state as well as the role in increasing their stress level (Carroll, 2011). Furthermore, the expectations often lead to the anxiety among employees in their working environment (Ibid)."


Footnote citations

footnote citations

Many of the styles offered are footnote styles. Footnotes are inserted into your document in the same way as in-text citations, but in a different style.

Please refer to the “In-text citations” section.

Exemple with Tapuscrit style (note):


Citation options

citation options

In your word processor: it’s possible to open Classic View once you’ve clicked Add/Edit Citation, by clicking on the red .

A new window appears with more possibilities:

  • search for items by the fields or tags added when they were collected;
  • browse the different collections without having to return to the standalone version of Zotero;
  • browse group libraries;
  • add page numbers when citing the reference.

Generating a bibliography in Zotero

generating a bibliography in zotero

You can use Zotero to automatically generate a bibliography, formatted according to a pre-selected style:

  • select the (sub)collection or the items concerned (use Caps or Ctrl or Cmd);
  • right-click to open the context menu;
  • click Create bibliography from items (or from collection);
  • choose the file format and bibliographic style;
  • export in RTF format (or HTML if it’s a web publication).


Zotero and Google Docs

zotero and google docs

A Zotero extension also exists for Google Docs. Zotero’s compatibility with Google Docs works through the Zotero Connector for Chrome and Firefox, which adds a new tab to the Google Docs interface.

It also adds a button in the toolbar for citations in one-click.


For more details, check out the Zotero blog.

Generating a bibliography in your word processor

generating a bibliography in your word processor

When you have already entered several bibliographic references in your word processing software, as citations or footnotes, simply click on the software’s Zotero tab  .

The bibliography is automatically generated in the style you chose initially.

If you add new citations/footnotes, click  to automatically update the final bibliography.

Please note: It is possible to add a reference that does not appear in a citation or footnote to the final bibliography:

  • select the bibliography generated from the references already cited;
  • click  a new window opens;
  • click the desired reference, click the green arrow , and then OK;
  • the bibliography is automatically updated with the new reference.

Please note: it is better to do this once you’ve finished writing your document.

Locking in the bibliography

locking in the bibliography

Once you have finished a piece of work, including citations or footnotes and bibliography, you can choose to lock in this version of your bibliographic references by clicking

This removes the field codes and the link between Zotero and the document will be broken. Any subsequent changes made to the bibliographic references in Zotero will have no effect on this particular document (so remember to make a copy).

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