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Research Data

Store your data during your research

The time of production, processing, analysis. Where to store my data? How to share them?
Here are the most appropriate solutions.

Storage solution Advantages Risks / Precautions Recommandation

Local storage (computer, laptop)

Easy to manage and to prevent from unauthorised access

Not sufficient if data are stored on only one device (=> backup is needed)

Laptops can be stolen Hard-drive encryption is mandatory

Backup your computer

External hard-drive

Useful to exchange data without transmitting them over the Internet Easily lost, stolen and damaged Use preferably for temporary storage

Network shared drive on research center server / Network Attached Storage

Automated backups

Centrally stored

High storage capacity

Can not be accessed by external people For long-term storage

Google Drive - Cloud storage provided by Sciences Po

Can be accessed by external people (if they have a Google email address)

Automatic Backup

Storage in E.U. not guaranteed => conflict with GPDR

Not suitable for all research projects

Control access when sharing

Encrypt personal data before uploading them to the cloud (compliance to GPDR)
Other cloud storage managed by a university or CNRS Secure in case of E.U. storage Size may be limited May be secure and appropriate
Cloud storage without any agreement (e.g. Dropbox)

Widespread use

Not depending on an email provider

Free services by commercial providers may claim rights to use content you manage and share them for their own purposes


Not recommended for sensitive data

> COLLABORATIVE WORK (Sciences Po tools)

Google Drive, what are we talking about? Your Google Sciences Po account is not your private Google account
As part of the Google Apps for Education business agreement, you benefit from special terms and conditions of use.

For secure data storage in the cloud, choose Google DRIVE Sciences Po over any other private solution (Private Google Drive, Drop Box, Orange Box, Facebook, etc.).

More information: Google Apps [accès réservé].

> COLLABORATIVE WORK (Other institutions)

Members of the academic community you can benefit from secure services from other institutions.

► Huma-Num

Are you involved in a research program? Huma-Num offers a service package that includes the storage of your data. For more information, visit the dedicated page.  

► My CoRe - CNRS

​As member of the academic community, you can use the My CoRe services, a cloud for "individual storage and backup, nomadism and secure sharing".  Store up to 100MB, synchronize your computers, share your files. Several types of accounts are available: individual, services (for collective, projects), guests.
To find out more, visit the dedicated page.


To send files, use Renater's  FileSender solution. Main features :

  • Authentication via the Education-Research identity federation
  • Fast file submission to one or more correspondents
  • Consulting the files uploaded
  • Invitation of correspondents to upload files to their personal file repository space.


IT security is also about good practices: strong password choices, an up-to-date operating system and software, encrypted spaces and data.
Researchers, your data is valuable, apply the practices implemented by Sciences Po.

Find out more here: Online Tools / Best practice.

► Encrypt

Do you use or share confidential or personal data?
Use 7-zip!
This tool allows you to encrypt a document and meets the need for secure transfer to third parties. How to do it?
Follow the procedure [restricted acces].

For any question, ask sos@sciencespo.fr

To encrypt your data you must use passwords that should not be forgotten years later. Use this procedure with caution.

Credits: This guide is written by the Library Research Data team in collaboration with the Sciences Po research centers, the Office for Research (DS) and the Office of Information Systems (DSI). For more information, please contact the Data team: data.bib@sciencespo.fr. Translation : Anita Beldiman-Moore, Sophie Forcadell from the Library.

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