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Research Data

Managing data

The issue of research data management is now a major challenge for research.

It is the result of several movements that support research in France and abroad, including: Open Access or free access to scientific and technical information, the administration of scientific evidence to validate results through replication, the reuse of data sets, their enhancement and more broadly the safeguarding of the scientific heritage.

Policies (e.g. Open Science National Plan, July 4, 2018), initiatives (e.g.: Go FAIR), network (e.g.: Research Data Alliance)  and more are all actions that set the beat for research. Impacts can be immediate, such as depositing open-access datasets for the submission of an article (American Journal of Political Science) or the drafting of a data management plan for H2020 and ANR projects or longer term projects.

Now, researchers and engineers, develop management strategies to document, preserve, enhance and safeguard data. All these actions will allow the community to better understand your work and its results, but above all will save your time and increase your visibility. 

Producing FAIR Data

The DoRANum service platform offers interactive visualization of the 4 FAIR principles: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable.
These principles aim to anticipate, during the production of the data, a set of characteristics that the data and the metadata must present so that their discovery, their visibility and their potential re-use are possible, by the researchers or by the machines.
The FAIR principles are integrated into the different parts of the DMP in the approach of "as open as possible, as closed as necessary".


[Video] Data Sharing and ManagementNYU Health Sciences Library Licence Creative Commons

Credits: This guide is written by the Library Research Data team in collaboration with the Sciences Po research centers, the Office for Research (DS) and the Office of Information Systems (DSI). For more information, please contact the Data team: data.bib@sciencespo.fr. Translation : Anita Beldiman-Moore, Sophie Forcadell from the Library.

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