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Which research projects require a DMP?

Horizon Europe Projects

VraiA DMP is required. It's a deliverable.
When? 6 months after the beginning of the project.


ANR - Agence nationale pour la recherche

TrueA DMP is required. It's a deliverable.
When? 6 months after the beginning of the project.


Other funding

What obligations?
Contact the 
Mission of Support for Research Projects at the Office of Research.

PhD and other projects

Writing a DMP is not a requirement. But more PhD and master students try. Practice makes perfect!

A DMP, you say?

A data management plan (DMP) is a framework document that enables the participants of a research project to define all the tasks to be performed concerning the management of the data produced and used in the project: storage, standards, sharing, possible reuses, archiving, copyright, etc.
Outlining responses to these different issues in a formal document enables the team to organize its work, to determine the needs and anticipate resource requirements (recruitment, software). Some of these costs may be eligible. 
In general, the creation of a DMP offers an opportunity to formalize your data management practices.

Sciences Po has also drafted a DMP model adapted to its researchers' needs. It is downloadable in English, and also available online on the OPIDoR tool. The questions in the template are accompanied by tips and sample answers. Do not hesitate to contact the Data team for further assistance.

Sciences Po DMP

Accessible on OPIDoR online tool

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